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Posted on 11 Apr 2017 by Ibemo

Ibemo Industrie Service GmbH was founded in 1995 and had been able to establish in the oil- and gas sector as a renowned wholesaler ever since. Valves, pressure- and temperature gauges, electrical equipment, motors, filters, pumps, hoses, gaskets, pipes, tools, and other accessories for the oil- and gas industry – we supply customers throughout the world, our main market, however, is Kazakhstan.

Ibemo Industrie Service GmbH is further offering services such as site management, mechanical- and electrical installations, pipe fitting, commissioning of power distribution equipment, operation management during trial runs as well as maintenance and support

Future Services

Posted on 08 Apr 2017 by Ibemo

Aside from overt sales for the oil and gas industry Ibemo Industrie Service specializes in services, in particular the installation, commissioning, operation management, site management, deinstallation, maintenance, and assitance of future technologies in the highly competitive industrial sector of on- and offshore oil and gas production as well as the further processing of fossil fuels and resources. We count thereby not only on quality and efficient technology but also on outstanding engineering; reliable Ibemo referenced specialists are vital in the services we offer that are to complement the most recent technology we supply, modern twenty-first century technology by world leading brands that are known all around the globe.

Advantage through technology has always been an assertive virtue of Ibemo Industrie Service GmbH. Hence, we are proud to not only supply our customers but also assist in any sense in order to garantee customer satisfaction and ultimately provide advantage thought technology, making our offered services another cornerstone of the flexibility and variety we as Ibemo stand for.

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